Shalom, I'm Andrew, creator of Israel Lechaïm. My story is a long and complicated one, having discovered my Jewish heritage only several years ago. I embraced it almost instantly, having felt a spiritual and emotional connection from a very young age. 

I ventured into the depths of online ancestry websites and social media and would go on to eventually find all my family from the UK to Israel in no time at all. 

My passion and raison d'être is very much all things Israel. I feel duty bound and a sense of responsibility to play my part and showcase this inspirational nation to the world.  

 It has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember to actively involve myself with Israel in my own way and inspire people to learn more about the only Jewish state in the world. My thought being that If only one person is inspired to visit as a result of my website, then I feel I have achieved something. 

After almost 24 months in development, I am happy to roll out my very own homage to the State of Israel, and her wonderful accomplishments with which she has blessed the world and continues to do.

The premise behind the website is to offer a one stop destination where people can get a quick overview into the fundamental basics of what makes this country so special. This includes News headlines in highlighted format only. I should also point out that the news is only ever good! I have also tried to include general tourist information, a handy business directory, a melange of beautiful  images in the gallery (all of which have been taken by myself) along with some history, and general facts about the nation. 

I also wish to showcase work from artists and designers who have something special to share, so there are pages dedicated specifically to this. 

Finally I always find it important to share and give back and within this site you will also see a number of carefully selected charities that I have chosen to highlight as a way of raising awareness to their cause. Please visit their sites and consider a donation in support of their work. 

I hope I have created a fun and informative environment that brings people from all over the world together to enjoy one common theme. I really hope you like the site, which is updated with new content daily and I shall always endeavour to maintain a happy and informative environment for your total enjoyment. Do let me know your thoughts and if there is anything you would like to see here.





Please feel free to contact  me concerning your feedback on the site or with any questions you may have. I am happy to discuss all collaborations, partnerships or any business & advertising initiatives you may have. Meanwhile, do check out our ADVERTISE WITH US section.

 I have NO affiliations with any official bodies and this is a privately operated site. All images used are personal. Some stock imagery has been obtained though no copyright has been infringed.

Israel Lechaïm