Eyal sought interest in photography from a young age and over the years it became one of his main hobbies.  He'd  say it even runs through his blood, as he even have family members who work in the profession. As Eyal grew older, he studied photography and later went as far as opening a small photo shop in his hometown of Hod Hasharon. Later on he expanded and opened a photography business for different types of events.

The Multi-copter with which he takes the pictures is equipped with four blades that can fly as far as several kilometers. It is installed with camera stills and the video quality is controlled by remote radio which shows the anticipated top-Live. The Multi-copter is a means of various forms of technology, such as GPS and different controllers in which provide it with maximum stability and control.

The Multi-copter is a great gadget for those looking for a combination of technology and photography.

With the Multi-copter, Eyal is able to take still photos and various video of landscapes, buildings, etc. across the country, all of which you can see by clicking below for a direct link to Eyal's website.


ISRAEL 70 from the desert to the city

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the stunning scenery. An aeriel tour of Israel. 

THE Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a stunning salt lake whose banks are at their lowest, more than 400m below sea level, The  hypersaline waters allow swimmers to simply float on water, and its mineral-rich black mud is used for therapeutic and cosmetic treatments at the many resort hotels and treatment centres around the area. Dead Sea mineral products are especially popular amongst people seeking quality natural skincare. The surrounding desert offers  magical sites from Ein Gedi Botanical Gardens to Masada. 


This is one of those "escape to" havens where you can enjoy peace and tranquility matched with some spectacular views of the area. Located in the Lower Galilee region, on a clear day one can see as far as Mount Hermon and the Golani. There are some great observation points and this designated nature reserve and park is just the perfect place to discover and explore for ramblers and nature lovers alike. Rent a car or take a tour to visit this area, you'll be glad you did. 


Possibly one of the most magnificent archeological sites in the world is that of Masada. A stunning fortress perched high in the Judea desert close to the Dead Sea. Originally built by King Herod in 742AD as his palace retreat, much of the construction including storage facilities, ramps & fortifications remain in good condition as do the recreational areas & the old synagogue. Absorb this archeological splendour & see where freedom fighters of old fought the oppressive Roman forces.  


The Apollonia-Arsuf Fortress, Herzliya Israel