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Ben Gurion Airport, named after David Ben Gurion, is Israel's main airport. It is located at the heart of the country, around 40 km from Jerusalem and 15 km from Tel Aviv. The Airport has its origins in the 1930's. The Israel Airports Authority was established in the late 1970's as a statutory corporation, and the airport has evolved and prospered ever since, with passenger and air traffic figures constantly rising. In the 1990's the IAA recognized the fact that the old Terminal 1 was no longer capable of handling the increasing passenger traffic, and a joint decision was made with the Minister of Transport to build a new terminal with higher capacity - Terminal 3.

The Airport is Israel's gateway, and as such it serves its citizens who fly all over the world, as well as foreigners who visit the country.
The Airport has two main terminals: Terminal 3 for international flights and Terminal 1 for domestic and low-cost international flights.

Ben Gurion Airport is a modern airport, equipped with state-of-the-art technological installations and operational facilities that meet international standards. The Airport is accessible to disabled passengers and provides passenger service  and special VIP services at the highest level. The safety and security measures implemented at the Airport meet the highest global standards and air traffic safety is top priority. International Airport Code: TLV. (IAA)



Eilat is Israel's southmost city, located along the shore of the Red Sea and sharing its borders with Egypt and Jordan. The Eilat airport is located at the entrance to the city, and serves as a southern gate for both local and foreign travelers.

Since its foundation in 1949 to this day, the Eilat Airport is an important part of the thriving economy of the city and its surroundings. Eilat is considered to be Israel's leading destination for local travelers and the airport is the major gateway for travelers both to and from the city.

Operation Uvda, the concluding campaign in Israel's War of Independence, concluded on March 1949. During the operation, the Negev Brigade took Eilat, the Golani Brigade took the southern Negev desert, and the Alexandroni brigade took Masada and Ein Gedi.

At the end of the operation, Avraham "Bern" Adan, a company commander at the Negev Brigade, had raised the famous Ink Flag in Um Rashrash – known today as Eilat (a photo of the event can be seen in the gallery). To allow aerial connection between Eilat, which was isolated in the south, and central Israel, the air force has built a takeoff and landing course for light aircraft a few months following Operation Uvda. Since then, the Eilat Airport operates both local and international flights.

In 2013, the Israel Airport Authority had started the construction of new Israeli airport – The Ilan and Assaf Ramon Airport in Timna. The Ramon Airport is located about 20 kilometers north of Eilat, and when completed, it will absorb the aerial activities of both the Eilat and Ovda airports. Completion of this airport concludes in January 2019. (IAA)



Uvda Airport is a Military/Civilian airport established by the Americans, under the provision of the peace treaty with Egypt, and it was intended to replace "Ezion" Airport, situated at Moon Valley, Sinai.

The airport commenced its operation in 1982, and upon its construction the Airports Authority built a civilian terminal to service the tourists visiting Eilat, the Dead Sea and southern Israel.

In 1995, 1996 and 2000, which were peak years in tourism, over 250 000 travelers per year passed through the airport.

In 2014, 92,954 travelers passed through the airport.

In November 2015 Ryanair, the leading low-cost airline in Europe, started operating 6 weekly flights. International Airport Code: VDA. (IAA)



“Ramon” Airport is the new and exciting  international built by t​he Red Sea and completed in 2019, in the municipality of Eilat, Israel It is less than 20km from downtown Eilat

​Given the location , the Ramon Airport will also be a gateway for southern Jordan including the resort of Aqaba, and areas of Wadi Rum and Petra,  as well as the Taba area of Sinai, in Egypt. 

The new airport saw its first flights week commencing 04 March 2019. 

The airport will replace the two airports currently operating in the area, Ovda and Eilat City, and will offer services both domestic and International. 

The airport offers a state of the art environment designed to blend with the surrounding area, featuring extensive duty free, car rental agencies and shuttle services into Eilat. 

The key Shuttle provider are Eilat Shuttle offering great value  services to/from Eilat/AP and Flo Shuttle.

Most of the Major European low cost airlines are and will be flying to Ramon International including: Ryanair, Wizz, Transavia, Ural Airlines, Edelweiss and Air Europa. Other airlines include: Arkia, Israir and more to be announced.

All flights to/from Ovda and Eilat airports will be diverted to the New Ramon Airport. 

Airport Code: ETM 






Travelling by train in Israel is fun quick and efficient and for this reason I would highly recommend using the train for travelling around the key cities. incl. Ben Gurion, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beersheva, Akko, Herzliya Ashkelon, Sderot to name but a few. Jerusalem is also covered but be warned the stops are far from the centre of the city. Israel Railways is a well organised company and the train experience is about so much more than getting from A to B. The operator prides itself on its history and offers a museum and visitors centre. The train does not operate on the Sabbath. Why not download the  app? it  is great for buying tickets online, planning your journey in advance and keeping up to date with train status. Israel Rail.





The bus service in Israel is frequent, efficient and reliable (oh and clean)! It is a great way to get around affordably. There are two main operators, one of which is called Dan, operating mostly within Tel Aviv and the second is the Egged Bus Company, Israel's leading bus operator. Egged operates most of the inter-city bus services and also local ones. You can pre buy tickets at the machines in the local bus stations or from bus drivers. Travelling by bus is a great way to immerse yourself into daily Israeli life but as with all trips, especially your first time, planning is key so you don't waste too much of your time when there. Remember there are limited to no services on the Sabbath in most of the cities. Check out the official websites here: Dan Bus & Egged Bus





The taxi is efficient. They are clean and normally adhere to very strict guidelines to maintain their carriage licence. Like most destinations, cabs are fitted with meters, do make sure that this is on before starting your journey to avoid uncomfortable situations later. Under no circumstances ride without a meter on unless you have pre agreed a fare! When travelling between cities there is a fixed rate in place that taxis must abide by. Tipping is also not obligatory but more a personal preference. There is no standard amount. For your convenience I would suggest you download the app called GETT which is very similar to Uber. This is not only an Israeli creation but also a great way to book your ride and avoids much of the stress. It will often work better (and cheaper) if you have purchased an Israeli sim first. Gett (Hebrew)





The main locations for cycle hire are in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Cycle hire (providing you are comfortable cycling in a big city) can be a fun and certainly inexpensive way to discover the area. Tel Aviv has mastered this to a T, with a large scale number of pick up & drop off points around the city which enable new uses to pick up and go. There are over 2,000 bikes available from the municipality and a range of hire options. Jerusalem also offers options too but do take into account the numerous inclines as the city is hilly in parts and offers far less appointed cycle routes, though experienced cyclists would not be deterred by this and it is being developed all the time. Check out our directory for several providers.





You need to get to your destination as fast as possible without any worries? Looking for the most professional transfer company to take care of you? You arrived to the right place! Israel Taxis Private Transfer Service is the easiest & safest way to book a predetermined transfer from door to door. It does not matter if you need a transfer from Ben Gurion Airport to your Hotel or to any other destination, Israel Taxis will take you to your address with both assurance and satisfaction.  Professional drivers, courteous and if picking you up from the airport, they will be there waiting for you with a plaque displaying your name for conveience. Take the stress out of travel.  Israel Taxis





There is no doubt that the best way to get around at your leisure is by car. Just be sure to source parking options before hand so you are not spending all your time faffing when in Israel. Cal Auto Group expanded its business activities in 2011 on an international level. Cal Auto International provides rental and tourism services to all citizens of the world who arrive in Israel, with an emphasis on exclusive, professional and comprehensive service. They have office branches in the airport and most key points around the country for your convenience including Tel Aviv Airport, Tel Aviv centre, Jerusalem, Ashdod, Eilat and Beersheva. Check out the official website and discover their fleet and price range. Cal Auto Car rentals