Israelis have a real zest for life, and you feel the joie de vivre as you travel around the country. People speak their minds and have a tendency to be direct. The great thing is that you always know where you stand with an Israeli. There is no falseness, no insincerity, just good pure honesty and a bluntness that you'll need to adapt to. This however is all part of the charm. The fact is you will enjoy a genuine an exceptionally warm welcome, because Israelis do not need to work hard at being hospitable, it comes naturally. 



For such a small country, Israeli food offers a diverse range of flavours from around the world, fused together from a mix of cultures to give a truly stimulating experience for foodies. No matter if your passion is fast paced street food to superb vegan dining, Israel is absolutely known as a true food lovers paradise and offers the best of everything. If you want to experience first hand the real farm to table ethos of dining, then look no further than the gastronomical delights  Israel has to offer you. 



If you are  searching for a real adventure on your holiday with a view to broadening your cultural outlook then look no further. Israelis themselves are possibly one of the country's greatest cultural assets. Full of character and joie de vivre, is it any wonder that  Israel makes it into the top ten list of happiest countries in the world year upon year! Everyone has an opinion, and they want you to know it! Everyone can cook the same dish the best, and driving is something you just do but say a small prayer before hand. But make no mistake, for a cultural experience, this is everything you need for a journey of discoveries.




Israel's stunning coastline of light golden sand, blends into a sun kissed blue ocean tickling the mediterranean. It is a beach lovers paradise. From North to South Israel is blessed with an uninterrupted  expanse of lightly golden sands!, Not forgetting the Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee and in the south the Red Sea.  So don't be too surprised to hear that whatever it is you seek from a beach holiday, this is where you will find it. Tel aviv boasts a large number of options from the south of the city around the fringes of Yafo, right up to the northern parameters of Tel Aviv with Tzur, you'll find a beach to satisfy every taste and every pocket. In Tel Aviv there is the famous gay beach by The Hilton and then Gordon, Frishman, Bograshov Beaches more in the centre that attract larger crowds. For divers, then of course you have world class opportunities in the seas of Eilat. The coral reefs, marine life and range of scuba and deep sea diving options are amongst the finest in the world. Surely something for everyone.



Where to start? It is almost like a trick question. Israel boasts some of the world's most diverse history dating back to biblical times. From the religious centre of the world: Jerusalem to the heights of Safed and the Sea of Galilee in the north to Hebron and Nazareth in the east, there is a sense of spirituality and deep connection that many would not feel if travelling to any other destination. Personally speaking, everyone should experience the magic of Israel at least once in their lifetime. If History is one of the factors for your visit, then for sure taking advantage of the many specialist tour guides here is a must when discovering Jerusalem or beyond for the first time. Only then can you really feel the connection and have a greater understanding of the complexities of this wonderfully diverse land.     



If you ever ask anyone who visited Israel for a holiday, you would frequently hear that they felt just as safe if not safer than holidaying in other countries within Europe and beyond. The police or military presence is always reassuringly close to hand to oversee the safety for all its citizens and travellers whilst year on year tourism has been continually increasing. Health & Safety standards are exceptionally high and government regulations for touristic services are comparable with those of Europe and North America. Emergency services are amongst the best in the world and should you need medical attention whilst in Israel, then it is always comforting to know that Israeli hospitals are amongst the best in the world! so don't ever let this be a deciding factor!



It is often said that no one parties like an Israeli! There is an ethos of work hard and play even harder, and you'll see this wherever you go in Israel. It is not exaggerated. Nightlife is part of every day life, it just happens. Israelis will be out spending, even if they only have a shekel to spend! By sunset people are preparing for pre dinner drinks in a café bar as friends slowly start to filter in, then rather like a step effect comes the next stage with a  louder bar and a few cocktails. A late dinner as with most Mediterranean countries is a given followed by clubbing  which goes on through the night until the early hours.  Tel Aviv of course reigns supreme when it comes to nightlife and many travel Journals have rated it as one of the hippest, trend setting and coolest cities to visit.  



When you want to be inspired and seek something different. Something that can offer you variety yet the ability to discover easily and conveniently without too much effort, then look no further than Israel. Israel as a holiday destination epitomises the very word variety. Culture: totally, history: without question, food: are you kidding? Humus aside, the fusion between cultures has led to a gastronomic food lovers paradise not to mention being the vegan hub of the world! On top of which, beaches: from north to south, skiing in the Golani in winter and trekking through the hills of Judea and Samaria. Then there is the Negev, why not visit the botanical gardens or an alpaca farm? If you really want to apply yourself there is even the possibility to help on a kibbutz. In short if you're seeking variety, then you have come to the right place.



Travel is a gift we often take for granted. Hopping on a plane has become as simple as hopping on a bus. But taking a step back and reflecting on what we've  seen, where we've been and what we've done can be an amazing thing. Israel can definitely have this effect on people. The spirituality of Jerusalem, the vibrancy of Tel Aviv , the excitement of Eilat, the connection you make at such wonderful places as the sea of Galilee and  Hebron and Safed not to mention the wonders of Masada, the Dead Sea and the verdant hillsides of the Golani - I could go on but the magic of Israel is something you need to discover for yourself. I have never spoken to anyone that has been disappointed with their visit - ever!  



Flying to Israel has never been so easy, from low cost flying options to flag carriers and of course our queen of the skies ELAL which is of course as per the slogan: Flying ELAL is like flying a piece of Israel. check out this link to the official airport website and a full and up to date list of airlines flying into Ben Gurion International Airport: Israel Airport Authority 



What I like about hotels in Israel is that they are all so different. You can escape the cookie cutter style chain hotels and opt for real charismatic options with a flair and character all of their own and this is something i'd definitely suggest you do along the way to get more from your Israeli experience. Hospitality is key here and whilst direct and very blunt, this is the Israeli way so be aware and lap it up, I like to call it being sincere. Ive listed a few alternative options you may like to investigate HERE


For further information about flying to Israel check HERE and for a breakdown city by city, check HERE